Healthywage Weight Loss Journey Weigh In – Week 5

That carrot is so massive it’s hilarious.

What a week you guys! I feel like since last Thursday I’ve been running nonstop. My weigh in this week is quite honestly disappointing. I weighed in this morning at 209.6. I should be weighing in at 206 this week. Not crazy off, but a little off.

I’ve been asking myself the last couple days what my game plan is because although it feels like I’m failing, I know that a piece of the puzzle is just missing.

A stressed body is will not cooperate well with weight loss. So the first thing before adjusting calories or working out harder is to remove stressors.

This weekend my plan is to have no plans. Maybe sit in the hammock and read all day? That sounds really overdue honestly.

It sounds almost like rest is not related but seriously, I don’t think anyone should be pushing and pushing for weight loss if overall your life is so busy you feel cranky!

Beyond that I planned my entire meal plan last night on Myfitnesspal. Instead of trying to make meals fit into calorie and macro parameters throughout the day, which can be difficult, I planned everything in advance so I don’t go over or end up hungry. I think it’s easier for me to do it when the kids are sleeping and the house is quiet rather than trying to plug things in as I go while the house is busy.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on all the essentials. Meal planning is really hard when you’re running low on food. (duh.)

Here’s my list of essentials that we restocked on this week! (We mostly shop at Aldi, and a local discount food grocer!)

  • Orange juice ($1/carton)
  • Grassfed Milk ($2/carton)
  • Fruit [strawberries($0.75 each carton), grapes($0.99/pound), organic mangos($0.50/each)]
  • Eggs from my mother-in-law’s happy chickens ($0)
  • Raw honey from my mother-in-law ($0)
  • Organic mussels ($3 on sale at Aldi)
  • Organic yogurt ($2/large tub)
  • Carrots ($2)
  • Good Culture cottage cheese ($3 each)
  • Pasture raised whole chicken for dinner + bone broth ($13)

Beyond that I’ve been walking and getting in maybe one strength training session a week. I’m going to add in a couple more this week. I’ll shoot for 3 weight training sessions.

Actually I think I’m going to get outside right now and get some of that vitamin D and walk around the block. Have a great Tuesday you guys!

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