Healthywage Weight Loss Journey Weigh In – Week 4

Hey guys! Yesterday marks week 4 of my Healthywage weight loss challenge! I feel like I’ve honestly been running and focusing on a bunch of other things, business related and we have two birthdays, a baby shower, a party, and of course mother’s day this weekend so I feel like even though it’s Monday today I’m already thinking about this weekend.

I weighed in at 208 today which means, not a lot has changed. I’m focusing on food again this week as I believe nutrition is the absolute first necessity to losing weight.

We as a family actually created a menu this week. I can’t believe it. Michael and I have been married for 7 years and we’ve never done that.

The goal here for me was to remove stress around meal planning and grocery planning. Michael and I often eat different things than the kids since they tend to be a little pickier.

I’ve also been working on each night after dinner getting the kitchen clean and pre making snacks for the kids or a sourdough for the next day to lower bad oils and simplify ingredients in our food.

these things sound so basic but getting consistent with these seemingly unrelated things help alleviate stress around mealtimes overall so making good choices last minute is easy.

The weather has also been terrible.

This week my goal is to either workout every day or take a walk. The weather should be warming up in the next week and this should get easier and easier.

My daily carrot salad!

I feel like this update isn’t too exciting but I want to check in every week anyway. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear about!

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