Healthywage Weight Loss Journey Weigh In – Week 2

It has been a crazy week you guys. One of my sweet children threw up at the grocery store.

I may need to go to therapy for it. The grocery store workers were so nice. I was mortified as I had no idea that anyone in our house was feeling under the weather (or we obviously wouldn’t have been there). All of us were totally normal and then BAM. It was everywhere.

Anyway… If you have a puke story that might make me feel better… please share it.

So I got literally no work done for two days as I was dealing with a stomach bug or possibly food poisoning. It’s hard to know since there was no other signs of sickness besides the tummy upset.

I did, however, weigh myself and have been tightening up on my nutrition after two days of overeating last weekend.

My weight at the start of this week was 208.4

Exactly on target. I felt energetic enough yesterday and got a 20 minute weight lifting session in and felt great afterward. I feel my muscle tone getting much better. Last week I literally did 3 10 minute workouts throughout the week.

I know it sounds really small, but I have gone from not working out to working out so hard and really suffered for it in the past. Slow and steady is my approach this time!

My goal is to do one more 20 minute session this week provided I feel good tomorrow as well.

A couple of other random but interesting things to note is that today, while out and about I was hungry and reached for a lemonade that I had with a meal earlier and drank a bunch more after not eating for a few hours and almost immediately got a headache. Blood sugar imbalance? What do you guys think?

Also since Monday this week I have been targeting very intentionally eating at least 90 grams of protein per day and it may actually be the most life changing and difficult thing to do. So every time I eat I am eating at least 7-25 grams of protein. I basically don’t grab fat or carb heavy items without intentionally thinking about protein.

Here’s what my diet has looked like this week:


Strawberries, yogurt, + raw honey

Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, + fruit

Frozen fruit + milk smoothie


Carrot salad, sausage, + orange juice

Raos soup

Sweet potato + overeasy eggs


Meatballs, mashed potatoes, + skim milk

Homemade sourdough pizza


Strawberries + cheese

Grassfed milk

Homemade chocolate milk

Homemade gummies

Obviously this is a huge simplification of all the foods and mealtimes I’ve had in the last week but I feel full, happy, and strong! I would say a good average day has me eating 2,200 calories. Some would say that’s way too many, but this is my experiment after all. Let’s see what happens.

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