How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe From Scratch: How to Assess, Purge, & Plan Your Wardrobe

About six years ago now I had my first sweet baby. Of course along with the amazing ways it changes your life, it also changed my body significantly and suddenly I felt like a stranger in my body.

Like I was still 18 and skinny on the inside but in reality I was dealing with a 3-4 size shift and I now held weight in ways I never did before.

When I think about this, it pains me to say that I for quite literally years wore yoga pants and tee shirts, hoping I’d lose enough weight to wear what I used to wear.

Finally after six years I realized I had to just love my body the way it is, and not wait until “someday” to enjoy clothes again.

I started weeding through my closet last year and pulled a bunch out and realized that getting rid of clothes is really the first step to rebuilding your wardrobe.

These first three steps are less fun than the others (no shopping yet!) but the most important. So here are the three things you have to do first when you rebuild your wardrobe!

How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe From Scratch: How to Assess, Purge, & Plan Your Wardrobe

How to Assess Your Wardobe

In order to assess your wardrobe the first thing you should do is pull everything out, Marie Kondo style and throw it on your bed. I find this is the most effective. Once you see it all it’s easier to sort through and be honest with yourself.

Sort out what you never wear vs. what you wear (and maybe what you wish you didn’t wear – stained old tee shirts, anyone?).

Then from what you actually are wearing, be really honest with yourself. If you’re wearing your husband’s tee shirts and sweats pretty much every day but you wish you weren’t, take away those as options.

Once you have what you’re happy with in piles, move on to the next step!

How to Purge Your Wardrobe

Purge your wardrobe! There are so many options, you could donate, consign, or sell anything you’re ready to part with. In our area we have at least 4 consignment stores less than an hour away and many places to donate.

Unfortunately my wardrobe at that time was basically 100% clothes no one would pay a penny for. You can recycle old garments, but you’ll have to find programs that do so. Otherwise, donate what you can and seriously just move on!

It feels kind of scary to start from scratch but SO RELIEVING when you remove the option to wear clothes you actually hate. Trust me, at the end of this you’ll feel so much happier knowing you’re taking care of yourself by dressing your body as it is!

How to Plan Your Wardrobe

Before you go out and buy all new clothes, PLAN next! Now I know it’s tempting to go out and replace your closet with a bunch of new stuff, but trust me I’ve done this before. PLAN your wardrobe next.

When I first purged my wardrobe of things that weren’t fitting me anymore, I replaced everything I had with bigger versions of old tee shirts, sweat pants, and things I just didn’t love. I was thrifting and finding cheap items but I really needed to plan and fill my wardrobe on purpose!

You can do this in one evening! Look at what’s left in your wardrobe, everything from tees to shoes, and make a list of what you have. If you’re writing down things that you regret keeping, or think “this isn’t really what I would ideally wear” go back! assess and purge again!

Then once you’re happy with the items left – don’t feel bad if it’s just a pair of jeans and some underwear. Although to shop in store you’ll probably want to be fully clothed.😉

Look at the list of what you have and create a wish list from that list! Are you missing plain white tees? Jeans? UNDERWEAR!? You get the picture.

Then begin targeting items that you need to fill gaps in your wardrobe. I find it’s best to find what other people are loving in their closet, if you can afford to purchase new, go ahead!

If saving money is a concern, looking for items secondhand is a great way to fill those gaps. Some options for targeting items online is to shop on Poshmark (You can use code curatedbycrys to save $10 when you sign up!), Mercari (This will get you $10 off your first purchase when you sign up or $20 when you make $100 selling!), or Thredup (This link will give you $10 off when you sign up as well!).

Most of these places you can search, then filter by size and brand and even price. It’s a great way to stay budget conscious and save time during this process.

What’s Next?

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